Sometimes, success is about who you do things with, not what you do.

One of the problems with being a solo entrepreneur is that you rarely have a chance to reinforce your best habits. Some of you might live in a community where most people procrastinate, play video games, overdose on fried food, and positively love distractions.

So, in order to break away from these influences, you usually exert a great deal of energy blocking them out and telling yourself that you will do things differently.

And some people even take pride in this misguided approach.

But what if we could form a new community?

One based on positivity and mutual support.

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of having to rely on just ourselves completely, other people could support us when we are down and get us energized about the success happening all around us?

Here are some tips about what we could do:


Form A Dynamic Marketing Community

Start looking for people you can interact with regularly.

In the same way that a group like ‘Weight Watchers’ or ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ regularly gets together to stay on track and refocus their goals, you can do the same thing in a marketing community.

It’s much easier to do productive things when you’re surrounded by people who are doing the same thing you are. And your interest in the results that they’re having will bring you back again and again.

You can create a Facebook Group or join and be a member of a group that you see will share the same interest of yours.


Finding Like-Minded Friends

Here’s the thing – it’s tough to round up a random bunch of people on a message board or Facebook group and expect them to coalesce into a motivated community.

The chances of success are much better when you have people who have specialized skills and some level of past success. They don’t have to be millionaires, but they should have a portfolio – a finished

blog, a completed project… something that indicates the ability or desire to start a project and see it to completion.

Look for groups of bloggers or professionals on the web that already exist. Put your toe into the water, introduce yourself, make friends.

Maybe one of these goals meet all of your needs. After a couple of weeks of steady contribution, try making your own group.


What Should You Do?

At first, get to know each other. Build emotional bonds.

This seems a little bit cheesy, but there’s a reason why groups make everyone tell their personal story.

It’s important for you to have a personal interest in the people in your group.

When should you make these introductions, start chasing your goals together?

Obviously, you’ll have your individual goals that you are working towards. But look for activities that bind you as a team. Work on a large project that requires accountability, or just read the same book on a monthly basis.


Fighting Obstacles


It’s inevitable that some people will drop the ball along the way. Every community-style group has a different approach towards keeping their flock together.

First, you should remember to always keep the door open. No matter what disappointments you encounter from a person along the way, it’s the group’s responsibility to always be civil so that they feel welcomed back if they leave altogether.

Second, when it’s time to get someone back on the wagon, approach them on a 1 to 1 basis. There’s nothing wrong with using the pressure of a group in a drastic situation. But many people will respond better to a quiet correction of an individual.


Stay Encouraged

Remember that a community’s goal should be to empower everyone and not set small groups against each other. The more unified you are in your purpose and your methods, the less friction you’ll have, and the less chance you’ll have to fail.

Being in a community, everyone should have respect for each other, no matter how each one’s opinions differ. Don’t criticize them, instead, encourage and support them so they won’t give up.


It is true that “no man is an island” especially when it comes to success. No one could ever go up without other people’s help and support. With the innovation of technology, finding the right community for you is just a few clicks away.

Success isn’t always about what you do. You should also make sure that you will succeed mentally. And the right community could definitely help.

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