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We request that all affiliates register for our updates list. This is how we keep you in the loop about updates on the product and how we get to you any information that will help you with your promotion. We don't market to our JV's. We run a legit company and we have a great reputation. Please read our terms to ensure that the rules are clear and everything remains above board.

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STEP 3: Select Your Pre-Written Marketing Material

Charlene and Gail

IM for Real People Team

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So... What Exactly Is Turbo Charge Traffic?

Our ROCK SOLID Sales Funnel Converts

Turbo Charge Traffic has proven to be an effective marketing guide that is geared to increase your traffic and help you get better conversions. The pro and premium levels are equipped with an advanced "stealth persuasion" system for generating internet traffic! Our funnel starts with a pro level for $7 then there is a premium level which features giving PLR license for the material for $17.

Aside from our highly profitable flow, we are also giving a 50% commission. We have marketing promotion tools that you can use to maximize your sales.

Our funnel will help you make more sales. And you'll do it without using any pressure, you won't have to convince anyone of anything, and you won't even have to talk about yourself or your services much at all! That's because that’s how the system works. Yes, you heard that right. Your tribe will actually do part of the selling for you.

Anything you need to have a successful campaign is put together in one place for your convenience, now you can generate massive internet traffic even if you've never been able to in the past!


Exclusive Membership

We have been working hard in perfecting this Internet Marketing Traffic Membership. And now, the long wait is over. We are very pleased to introduce to you this new marketing tool, Turbo Charge Traffic. We....Charlene, Gail and the IM for Real People Team are offering a cost-efficient business solution for IM’s who want to leverage traffic producing checklist tools without breaking the bank. We have created a cost-effective version of several highly effective traffic producing checklists while offering you a 50% commission on the entire funnel.

We've provided you with a complete toolbox of promotional tools to make it super easy for you to promote. Just copy, paste, and update. You can use these on your sites, on your emails, or on your Facebook and blog posts. Everything you need to succeed is here!


High Conversions & Low Refunds

Payments are processed securely with JVZoo and your customer can pay with PayPal or credit card.

Your customers get a 30-day guarantee and they'll have the best customer service in the known universe. We do all of our own customer service in house, they can submit a ticket. We aim to make your people happy no matter what it takes.

We use raw links, so all traffic you bring, stays cookied to you.  Our follow up series of ads will redirect your leads back for that sale that is credited directly to you, our JV Partner



If you don't yet have an autoresponder, we personally use GetResponse and you can get a free trial (no credit card required).

Charlene and Gail

and The IM for Real People Team

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